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RC2512, 25.8 ton Capacity, 12.25 in Long Stroke, General Purpose Hydraulic Cylinder

RC2512, 25.8 ton Capacity, 12.25 in Stroke, General Purpose Hydraulic Cylinder

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Collapsed Height A (in):  16.75
Optional Tilt Saddle Addition To Collapsed Height A1 (in): 0.59
Optional Tilt Saddle Diameter J1 (in):  1.97
Extended Height B (in):  29
Outside Diameter D (in):  3.38
Cylinder Bore Diameter E (in):  2.56
Plunger Diameter F (in):  2.25
Base to Advance Port H (in):  1
Saddle Diameter J1 (in):  1.97
Saddle Protrusion from Plunger K (in):  0.41
Plunger Internal Thread O (in):  1 1/2" - 16
Plunger Thread Length P (in):  1
Saddle Maximum Tilt Angle Radius (degrees):  5
Base Mounting Holes Bolt Circle U (in):  2.31
Base Mounting Holes Thread V:  1/2"- 13 un
Collar Thread Size W:  3 5/16" - 12 un
Collar Thread W (in):  3 5/16" - 12 UN
Collar Thread Length X (in):  1.94
Base Mounting Holes Thread Depth Z (in):  0.75


Maximum Operating Pressure (psi):  10,000
Capacity Class (tonnage):  25
Maximum Cylinder Capacity Advance (short tons):  25.8
Stroke (in):  12.25
Collapsed Height A (in):  16.75
Extended Height B (in):  29
Return Type:  Single-Acting, Spring Return
Plunger Type:  Solid
Material:  Steel
Cylinder Effective Area Advance (in2):  5.16
Oil Capacity Advance (in3):  63.18
Surface Treatment:  Paint
Coupler:  CR400 Coupler
Weight (lbs):  36


Model: RC2512 | ECCN: EAR99 | Harmonization: 8412210075
Series: RC | Product Line: Industrial Tools
RC-TRIO is the next generation of the legendary Enerpac RC-Series single acting hydraulic cylinders. These hydraulic jacks include many advanced features to ensure superior durability, versatility, and productivity.

A pre-tensioned spring provides fast plunger retraction and enhanced productivity. The robust bearing system features composite wear bands and a hardened stop ring to resist side-load which minimizes damage and repairs. The plunger wiper, high-grade polyethylene seals and tough external finishes also help towards an extended service life.

With so many hydraulic cylinder models to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect match for your applications, and if you already own prior RC-Series cylinders, the good news is the new cylinders share the same familiar dimensions and threads for full compatibility.

  • Bearing system with composite wear bands for optimal sideload resistance
  • Strengthened stop ring improves durability and side load resistance
  • Trio Hybrid pre-tensioned spring system provides faster retraction
  • High-grade polyethylene seals for low wear and long service life
  • Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life.
  • Collar and plunger threads and base mounting holes enable easy fixturing (on most models)
  • Standard certified lifting eyes on cylinder models above 55 lbs. (25 kg) weight.
  • Interchangeable with optional CHM6 carrying handle
  • Designed for use in all positions
  • Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance
  • Includes CR400 coupler, dust cap and collar thread protector
  • RC-Series model numbers, external dimensions and threads remain unchanged from prior RC Series cylinders

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