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SL400N Narrow Body Hydraulic Gantry

The SL400N narrow body gantry is for heavy lifts in tight spaces. The SL400N provides 450 tons of lifting capacity with a compact and narrow footprint designed to operate on a 2-foot-wide track gauge. Our new bare cylinder style hydraulic gantry is our highest capacity gantry to operate on a 2-foot skid track

SL400N, 450 Ton, Narrow Body Hydraulic Gantry

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Model: SL400N | Series: SL | Product Line: Heavy Lifting Technology

  • Self-contained hydraulics and electronics
  • Intelli-Lift wireless control system
  • Self-propelled wheels or tank rollers
  • Full range of supplementary equipment: header beams,
  • lifting lugs, side shift, skid tracks
  • Designed and tested to meet ASME B30.1-2015 safety standards
  • Lloyds witness tested to 125% of maximum working load


Maximum Capacity 4 Legs (imperial tons):  450
Stage 1 Maximum Capacity 4 Legs (imperial tons):  450
Stage 2 Maximum Capacity 4 Legs (imperial tons):  337
Stage 3 Maximum Capacity 4 Legs (imperial tons):  220
Retracted Height A (ft):  8.94
Stage 1 Maximum Height B (ft):  14.31
Stage 2 Maximum Height B (ft):  19.76
Stage 3 Maximum Height B (ft):  25.26
Weight per Leg with Oil (lbs):  7937

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